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RE: Smog-legal webers? (was Advice to newcomer..)

To: "'Brian Furgalus'" <>
Subject: RE: Smog-legal webers? (was Advice to newcomer..)
From: "Miller, John" <>
Date: Mon, 13 Apr 1998 06:51:01 -0600
I guess I should chime in here since I am in the process of doing exactly
what you are talking about.  About 7 years ago when I lived in Pennsylvania,
I ditched the ZS on my 76 B in favor of a Weber DGV.  I put a header and
free-flow exhaust on it and it has never run better, and it always passed PA
inspection.....then I moved to Colorado.  Colorado requires that a car have
all the equipment that it had originally or it fails automatically, no
matter how clean it runs.  I know this first hand because when I took my car
in for a test on Saturday, it passed the emissions test, but failed the
visual inspection because it didn't have a catalytic converter (I had put an
air pump on it one week earlier).  So against the advice of everything I've
ever seen about this carb, I chopped off the front of the exhaust and put a
catalytic converter on.  This may sound stupid, but this is this car's last
chance to ever see the road legally again, so I took my chances.  And to my
great surprise (and relief), it runs just fine.

So the moral of the story is: Yes, a DGV will pass an emissions test, but
check with your state (or any state you may ever plan to move to) to see
what their requirements are, or you may end up in the emissions nightmare
that I've found myself in.  And if you do decide to take the original
equipment off, don't get rid of it if you think you may ever move out of

John Miller
76 MGB   

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        Subject:        Smog-legal webers? (was Advice to newcomer..)

        I was reading through the responses of you wonderful people to my
        origional enquiry anout the B, and the comment about the Weber DGV
        caught my attention.  How does one go about passing emissions with
        of those things installed?  I've heard that raising the compression,
        adding mild cam, and adding a weber is the best way to get
        from the MGB, but I didn't know it was smog legal.  What components
        be installed?  Is a catalytic converter required?  Thanks.Leaning
        towards RBB.

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