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Re: Smog-legal webers? (was Advice to newcomer..)

To: Susan and John Roper <>
Subject: Re: Smog-legal webers? (was Advice to newcomer..)
From: Bill Schooler <>
Date: Sun, 12 Apr 1998 19:29:54 -0400
Susan and John Roper wrote:
> Daniel Pruett wrote:
> >
> > Brian Furgalus wrote:
> >
> > > I was reading through the responses of you wonderful people to my
> > > origional enquiry anout the B, and the comment about the Weber DGV
> > > caught my attention.  How does one go about passing emissions with one
> > > of those things installed?  I've heard that raising the compression,
> > > adding mild cam, and adding a weber is the best way to get performance
> > > from the MGB, but I didn't know it was smog legal.  What components must
> > > be installed?  Is a catalytic converter required?  Thanks.Leaning
> > > towards RBB.
> >
> >   I can tell you that unless you live in California, for my 1977 B, a cat
> > was not needed.  Thats what the old boy at the smog shop said to me anyway
> > as he laughed and told me I failed miserably.  ;-)
> >
> > Daniel Pruett
> > Camp Pendleton, CA
> > 1977 MGB  <--my favorite headache
> > --
> > "The surest way to corrupt a youth is to instruct him to hold in higher
> > regard those that think alike than those who think differently."
> Brian, Be careful re the weber.  A good set of SU's will perform and run
> as well or better.  Folks get confused with the DCO series side draft
> weber, a high performance carb.  John

Please, please, please - all you folks who are enamored with the Weber
downdraft read the following:

This is absolutely the best info I have seen concerning carb choices for
the MGB.  Read it and you will understand why folks seem to be having
trouble setting up these carbs for the B engine.  To my mind, it would
seem much simpler to convert the Zenith Stromberg configuration to dual
SUs, rather than going thru all the difficulties with the downdraft
Weber.  Bear in mind that I am a confirmed member of the OF fraternity.
And, as some of you will remember, my opinion of the Weber downdraft
device is that it makes an excellent boat anchor.  When filled with
melted wheel balance weights.

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