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RE: Smog-legal webers? (was Advice to newcomer..)

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Subject: RE: Smog-legal webers? (was Advice to newcomer..)
From: Christopher Delling <>
Date: Tue, 14 Apr 1998 14:42:34 -0400
Hey Larry-

Howse it goin?  Thought that I would stick my nose in here.  To update =
you, my engine now goes like this:  18V motor, 18G head (non-smog), =
shaved 0.040".  Shallow dish early 18V pistons.  Lucas Eurospec dizzy, =
Crane ignition, Lucas Sports Coil.  Weber DGV.  20 degrees advance @ =
1000 RPM with vacuum advance disconnected, K&N filter.  No flat spot.  =

BTW, thanks again for all the advice this past winter, it was a big =


Chris Delling

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Subject:        RE: Smog-legal webers? (was Advice to newcomer..)

Charley Robinson replied to Bill Schooler:

> Have you ever run the Weber DGV yourself?  Have you
> ever installed the setup to an engine? =20
> I have done both of the above.  I had no problem
> installing the kit. I had no off-idle flat spot. =20

Curious ... how far did you advance the ignition timing?

Safety Fast! ...
'61 MGA 1600 MkII

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