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Re: Smog-legal webers? (was Advice to newcomer..)

To: Charles & Peggy Robinson <>
Subject: Re: Smog-legal webers? (was Advice to newcomer..)
From: Bill Schooler <>
Date: Tue, 14 Apr 1998 09:59:40 -0400
Charles & Peggy Robinson wrote:
> Bill,
>   Have you ever run the Weber DGV yourself?  Have you ever installed the
> setup to an engine?
>   I have done both of the above.  I had no problem installing the kit.
> I had no off-idle flat spot.
> ---
>   Charley Robinson
>   Kerrville, TX, USA
>   NAMGBR  8-3530
>   `69 B Roadster


Fair question - and appropriate.  Yes, I have rebuilt and installed the
Weber DGV on an MGB.  Rebuilt with the help of Brit-Tek who supplied the
correct jets and emulsion tubes for the MGB application, and I rebuilt
the accelerator pump (replaced the diaphragm.)  Used about two cans of
carb cleaner in the process.

I experienced the flat spot off idle.  Since it is not my approach to
mal-adjust one system to compensate for deficiencies in another, I did
not advance the timing out of specs as is recommended when using the
DGV.  Don't mean that to sound "preachy" - it's just that I don't see
running a total of 40 degrees (or more?) advance when the car is
designed for 30 (at speed).  

Didn't like the performance, didn't like the way it looked, and didn't
like the sound.  But if you folks out there get your cars to run to suit
your preferences, that't fine with me!  I just happen to prefer the
performance of a properly maintained and set up pair of SUs.  And, IMHO,
the SUs are a better choice of carb for the MGB.  That's all - just my
opinion.  Larry's suggestion to read Doug Jackson's discussion about
carbs was a good one.  If you all missed it the first time, check out  

After reading the above referenced discussion, if anyone wants to put
one of these things on an MGB, I highly recommend the service and advice
provided by Brit-Tek.  

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