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Re: Fw: Possible Fuel injection for the MGB?

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Subject: Re: Fw: Possible Fuel injection for the MGB?
From: "Kai M. Radicke" <>
Date: Fri, 8 Feb 2002 10:16:35 -0500
> and download their Injection catalog. 2700 2710 systems
> with SDS ECU and harness setup.
> Plus complete docs on general installation of FI systems
> Paul Tegler

SDS specifically states that their ECU is not meant to work with siamesed
heads, like MGs have.  I don't know the reasoning behind it, but it is
clearly stated on SDS' website (

The other problem is that cost.  The SDS ECU is about $850, add two to four
injectors, MAP sensor, 4 wire O2 sensor, fuel rail, hose, throttle bodies
and TBS unit, wiring harnesses -- It would be hart to make a profit even at
a $1500 selling price.  And also who ever makes the kit would have to put
hours of dyno time into coming up with a suitable fuel map, that the end
user doesn't have to play with so there is no chance of them screwing it up.
Of course, then you have different compression ratios among the MGBs,
different inlet valve diameters, cams, different ignition parameters... and
that is for the production cars.  Now 20 years after production there are
countless permutations of engine specifications, and I can not see how it
would be possible to develop a map to suit them all.  I am of the opinion
that configuration of EFI settings from a laptop computer, while on a dyno
or on a road course, is beyond the ability of the average person on this

Who is going to spend $1500 on EFI for their MGB, when a new set of SU's is
1/5 of that?  SU's are fairly efficient, and quite accurate... I think it
would be very difficult for a properly setup EFI to be provide any better
fuel economy than SUs do (in excellent tune).  SUs can adapt themselves
quite easily, with a different needle and a retune to many parameters... if
you end up putting a new cam (of a different profile) in your MGB, you're
going to end up remapping the entire EFI map.  I think the sole benefit
would come from EFI is slightly lower emissions.  And if you want to spend
$1500 to have fewer hydrocarbons showing up on your emissions tests well...
well then I'd like to have your money.

EFI isn't the magic answer to power or economy, your SUs do both well if in
proper tune... and even if you have a single ZS, getting an SU manifold and
two HS4/HIF4s is still drastically cheaper.  Sure it may not be CARB legal
to replace your ZS with SUs... but that is still a major monetary penalty
for choosing EFI.  I'd take a risk and assume the tester doesn't even know
the difference between ZS an SU carbs.


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