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Re: Possible Fuel injection for the MGB?

Subject: Re: Possible Fuel injection for the MGB?
Date: Fri, 08 Feb 2002 21:34:38 GMT
> Hello Bill.  Well, put.  I don't see why someone just doesn't design a
> new multi port injection head. The money they put in that alumummm B 
> head. Was wrong direction. My two cents.  John,  Flintstone, GA

The R&D work done by Pierce Manifolds for the "new" aluminum heads was
quite large, Mike Pierce told me in the region of $40,000 before they had a
production ready head.  It wasn't the wrong direction, their intention was
to produce a head compatible with stock components... they produced a
siamesed intake port aluninum head that has slightly better flow than the
regular cast iron heads a result.  

However, for what it is worth, you can extract just as much if not a little
more power from the cast iron heads than you can from the aluninum ones.

Pierce also produces a crossflow design which is a different matter all


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