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Possible Fuel injection for the MGB?

Subject: Possible Fuel injection for the MGB?
Date: Fri, 8 Feb 2002 01:54:32 EST
While discussing new things that have been taking place lately, one of our 
members brought up the possibility that Moss Motors has been working on a 
throttle body fuel injection system to replace existing Stromberg carburetors 
on TR6 and MGB.  It will have to be EPA/CARB approved prior to sale. Another 
member who happens to work  at Moss (It's not Kelvin Dodd, although he may 
want to respond to this..) said, yes, Moss Motors was working with another 
company to help develop a TBI system for the MGB/TR-6..that could just be one 
of the most innovative things to come along in a long time to help our MGB's 
pick up some power w/o sacrificing fuel efficiency and still be smog 
compliant. I know I want one! Anyone heard anything else...Kelvin?
Albert Escalante    1978 MGB
       Central Coast British Car Club

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