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RE: Possible Fuel injection for the MGB?

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Subject: RE: Possible Fuel injection for the MGB?
From: "Dodd, Kelvin" <>
Date: Fri, 8 Feb 2002 09:52:37 -0800
> Hey,
> While discussing new things that have been taking place 
> lately, one of our 
> members brought up the possibility that Moss Motors has been 
> working on a 
> throttle body fuel injection system to replace existing 
> Stromberg carburetors 
> on TR6 and MGB.  

Hey Albert: 

        So much for keeping stuff under wraps till it's ready to market.

This is the unofficial poop.  There will not be an official release until
the system is up, running and sorted with as many of the bugs found and
fixed as possible.  We ran into enough problems with folks anticipating the
T-Series superchargers. 

Moss Motors is working on a throttle body fuel injection conversion to
legally replace the Zenith Stromberg carburetor on California Air Resources
Board (C.A.R.B.) regulated MGBs.  

The goal is to be able to supply an easy to install kit that will allow the
many late model California cars to stay on the road legally, cleanly and
with excellent drivability. 

For those of you in the non-smog law states, the conversion to dual SUs or
(wince) a DGV Weber is a practical solution for derivability, but in
California and many other states the original Manifold, Zenith Carb. and
Catalytic Converter are required.  The fuel injection conversion is intended
to offer better starting and derivability than the original worn and trouble
prone carburetor.

The kit is not designed for owner re-programming or for high performance
usage.  It is intended to keep the later cars on the road and make it less
of a hardship to drive a smog legal 75- MGB.

For the originality purist, we are discussing the option of pre-programmed
fuel leakage onto the catalytic converter.  : )

As an tinkerer myself, this unit is not that great of a turn-on.  WARNING,
HERETICAL STATEMENT COMING.  It does require a reality check to realize that
many people who own old British sportscars do so because they are cute and
fun, not because they are cantankerous and require constant attention.  This
unit is designed for those owners who prefer a car to start on the first
crank, every time.

There is the distinct possibility that our experience with this unit will
blossom into realistic off the shelf throttle body conversions for other
more performance applications.   

Now for those of you like me, who like to tinker.  We can all go over to the
corner of the garage and talk about my ideas for a Supercharged, Port
Injected, Crank Fired, Laptop Mapped, Cross Flow MGB engine to stuff in my

TWM does supply throttle bodies for various carb. applications, but as noted
by a number of list members, designing and mapping a high performance fuel
injection system for a siamese port engine is quite difficult.  The Weber
conversion throttle bodies exhibit the same problems that are evident with
large choke Webers.  The original twin SUs are pretty hard to beat when they
are in good condition.

Now, back to the previously scheduled programming.

Kelvin Dodd.  

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