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Re: Sprite 50th Anniversery

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Subject: Re: Sprite 50th Anniversery
Date: Tue, 24 Jan 2006 10:35:23 -0500 reply-type=response
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It would be great if we could get any one of the national clubs involved, 
however, from past experience I can say that the two national "Healey" clubs 
will not be interested.  A. it's not one of "their" events, B. it's for 
Sprites(Midgets), C. no 'big' Healeys.  Editor Reed should be able to 
add/elaborate something here.

Can't speak for the MG club other than to say when I approached them about 
advertising  SS'03 they said NO. Their reasoning was it was not one of 
"their" events and in their opinion  was a crossbreed event.

So I think we can plan on planning and running this event on our own.

Biff Jones
'Frogarri' '59 Bugeye
'Ole Gray' '61 AH Sprite
'Freebie' '71 MG Midget

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