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RE: Maps of the Peru National Tour Courses

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Subject: RE: Maps of the Peru National Tour Courses
From: Jeff Winchell <>
Date: Thu, 29 Jun 2000 12:02:30 -0700
>How long do we need to help the "technological illiterates?" Easy. Until
>they all have the same access that we do.  Can you tell me what's wrong
>_equal_ access to _arguably_ valuable information?

There's no such thing as equal access to everyone. People with more money or
more brains or more resourcefulness will know about and take advantage of
information that other people don't. That's life.

In the Seattle area, the web and the local listserv is the primary method of
communication of information. However, valuable information is also
exchanged in person because even the people that have access to the web and
e-mail find this method more preferrable.

If the web were something for a small minority of people who had to spend a
great deal of money to access it, then I'd argue against distribution of
information via the web, but this is not the case. So there should be no
prohibition towards distributing things like course maps via the web.
There's none in our region, and I've used this now on three events in the
past year.

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