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Meridian tour speeds

To: "" <>
Subject: Meridian tour speeds
From: Jeff Cashmore <>
Date: Fri, 02 Mar 2001 07:49:11 -0600
"did hear AS/SS in the 65-75mph range.  I was honking in 3rd but didn't
have time to look at the speedo."

A lot of people seemed to be in that range, even the slower cars.  I was
well into 3rd and over 60 and I believe Mark Chiles hit the rev limiter
in 2nd gear on Sunday (64 mph).  I'm glad it didn't rain or we would
have had even more people off in the grass.  The courses seem to get
faster and faster.  Besides the safety aspect it's unfair to the guy who
runs on a postage stamp size lot at home.  They're not used to the
speeds and shifting when they get to a Tour or Nats.

Jeff Cashmore

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