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Re: Meridian tour speeds

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Subject: Re: Meridian tour speeds
From: "Eric Linnhoff" <>
Date: Wed, 7 Mar 2001 00:46:01 -0600
>>In my opinion, everyone loves to "open her up" a bit on a course.
>Your opinion is that you love to "open her up" a bit on a course.  If your
>opinion is about what everybody loves, your opinion is false.  I love to
>pick my way through a technical course in a car whose dimensions are
>second-nature to me.  (Some of you have seen what happens when I get into a
>car whose dimensions are a mystery to me.)
O-kay.  Let me rephrase that a bit.

In my experience, every sane and normal (I know, what's that?) autocrosser
that I've met so far likes to "open her up" a bit on course.  :^P

You, sir, obviously drive an underpowered pig of a car that must rely solely
on handling to garner low times.  Oh, wait a do I.
Never mind then, carry on.  ;^)

Eric Linnhoff in KC
#69 STS    TLS #13
'98 Neon R/T  (4 door)
ICQ# 101282513

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