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Re: Meridian tour speeds

To: "Linnhoff, Eric" <>, <>
Subject: Re: Meridian tour speeds
From: "Phil Ethier" <>
Date: Tue, 6 Mar 2001 23:13:53 -0600
From: Linnhoff, Eric <>

>In my opinion, everyone loves to "open her up" a bit on a course.

Your opinion is that you love to "open her up" a bit on a course.  If your
opinion is about what everybody loves, your opinion is false.  I love to
pick my way through a technical course in a car whose dimensions are
second-nature to me.  (Some of you have seen what happens when I get into a
car whose dimensions are a mystery to me.)

>So, every once in a while it's fun to have a "horsepower" course even if
>don't have lots of ponies.

My opinion is that for me, it's not.

>Probably more fun if you do have them


The official scorekeeper will please note this is not a critique of Meridian
tour speeds.  I wasn't there.

Phil Ethier    Saint Paul  Minnesota  USA
1970 Lotus Europa, 1992 Saturn SL2, 1986 Suburban, 1962 Triumph TR4 CT2846L
"It makes a nice noise when it goes faster"
- 4-year-old Adam, upon seeing a bitmap of Grandma Susie's TR4.

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