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Re: Car Show Judging

Subject: Re: Car Show Judging
Date: Fri, 24 Sep 1999 09:49:18 EDT
Paul Tegler wrote:

>Subject: Re: Car show judging

>I brought up this point last year after MG on the Rocks 98.
>I wasn't dissappointed in my placement...just in the catagories
>used. Most people seem to vote for a what color struck them
>as pretty. (I'm guilty myself) If it's not the catagory your car is in...
>most will vote for the car that most struck them as they 'strolled by'
>If the owner is near the car...most people won't even walk up and look a car

But wait a minute. They won't just 'stroll by' if you approach the situation 
properly. Here in the Midwest, we find the most effective approach is one we 
have learned from our beloved Chicago politicians. When a 'voter' strolls by, 
approach and greet them! Smile and look them squarely in the eye as you 
firmly shake their hand and tell them how much their vote would mean to you. 
They'll appreciate your candor and reciprocate favorably. Especially when 
they find the $20 bill you deposited in their hand during the handshake. Ian 
Pender seems to have worked out an east coast variation on this using bottles 
of beer but they are much harder to palm discreetly. Don't just cower by your 
car. Take the initiative. If you find there is a Skid Row or cemetary near 
the carshow, you have just greatly expanded the pool of voters. And because 
this is America (apologies for hyperbole to those listers who are not), it is 
your duty to see that everyone is accorded their sacred right to vote for you 
(or your car), dead or alive!  ;-)

Kim Tonry
Downers Grove, Illinois (30 miles west of the fiefdom of Daley I and Daley 

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