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Re: Car show judging

To: Larry Hoy <>
Subject: Re: Car show judging
From: Mike Razor <>
Date: Thu, 23 Sep 1999 12:06:17 -0400
I loved the Glenwood springs Rallye.  I was stationed in Denver and used to
participate.  The first year I did not have an MG so I was the sweep car.  Took
my Jeep and trailed behind to make sure everyone made it.  Even towed an MGB
about 20 miles out of the mountains.  Made earned a couple of good friends, KC
and Chris.
Mike R

Larry Hoy wrote:

> The MGCC Rocky Mountain Centre has an annual Glenwood Springs Rallye.  This
> is a weekend event that culminates in a car show on Sunday.  One of the
> [new] categories in the car show is "Diamond in the Rough".  This is an
> award for the car that has the most potential.  Which of course means that
> it is either junk now, or unique enough to be a real collector item when
> restored.  Why am I telling you this?  My 1970 MGB won this award!
> Larry Hoy
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> > If catagories remain as they have, they should add catagories like
> > Highest Mileage, Best Daily Driver, Best Interior, Ugliest Color,
> > Wildest Engine/Dirtiest Engine, etc etc etc. This I think would
> > bring alot more
> > owners and their vehicles out to club events. Everyone would feel
> > like they have
> > Something to show.

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