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Re: Car show judging

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Subject: Re: Car show judging
From: "RL Chrysler" <lchrysl@fhs.csu.McMaster.CA>
Date: Thu, 23 Sep 1999 20:07:37 -0400
> I brought up this point last year after MG on the Rocks 98.
> I wasn't dissappointed in my placement...just in the catagories
> used. Most people seem to vote for a what color struck them
> as pretty. (I'm guilty myself) If it's not the catagory your car is in...
> most will vote for the car that most struck them as they 'strolled by'
> If the owner is near the car...most people won't even walk up and look a
> closely.

Interesting points of discussion. I think we should draw a line here
however. The above paragraph pertains to a popularity judging, where
everyone gets to vote on their favorite car. Indeed, pleasing colours, lots
of shiny chrome, a particularly rare, though not necessarily good car, even
a popular or well known owner will affect the voting or scoring of the cars.
In a properly judged event, the car should be evaluated quite differently,
where all the above factors should not have the slightest effect on the
outcome. Here things like accuracy of specification, quality of fit, and of
course condition should be the factors involved.
It can be readily appreciated then, that a judged event must have very
knowlegable judges, and it helps immesurably if there is a recognized set of
standards or specifications to judge the car against. If the cars are judged
against a standard, instead of against each other, a much better, and
happier event will result. This will also result in much less bias creeping
into the scoring. After all, judges are human too...yes, really! <g>
Rich Chrysler

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