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Re: Exploding Spitfires

To: Paul Nelson <>
Subject: Re: Exploding Spitfires
From: Paul Burr <>
Date: Tue, 29 Apr 1997 20:57:15 +0100
Cc: triumphs@Autox.Team.Net
References: <>
Paul Nelson wrote:
> This may seem like a question from someone with a little paranoia
> and it's for my wife so go figure. As my 76 Spitfire is getting closer
> to being road-worthy, my VERY safety minded wife wants to know the
> likelyhood of a Spitfire exploding when rear ended. Given the location
> of the fuel tank.  She doesn't want want the kids(who really want to
> take a ride)at ANY risk. I don't either, but I told her she was being
> over protective and not to worry.
>         Does she have any just cause(besides being a woman)to be concerned
> about this?
>         Thanks,Paul Nelson
>                 76 Spitfire
PAul; not to be morbid or anything, but if you get hit hard enough from
the rear to reach the gas tank in your Spit, the car that hits you will
probably stop moving somewhere near the dashboard. If she's that
paranoid, she'll just have to stay at home with the kids!

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