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Re: Mexican Standoff

To: triumphs@Autox.Team.Net
Subject: Re: Mexican Standoff
From: Tom Tweed <>
Date: Wed, 30 Jul 1997 20:53:20 -0400
Hello Chris L., Hugh, and list,  Hugh wrote :

 >Hm, I guess it is a mater of trust.  I have been selling some parts over
 >the net and haven't had any problem yet.  I tell the buyer to send a
 >check, when it clears, I send the parts.
 >I like the thought of keeping my name good so I stand behind what I
 >offer....maybe to the point of describing the parts in great detail to
 >make sure the buyer expects to get what I send.
 >Just been lucky in my dealings, and I believe that those that dealt with
 >me have been satisfied.
 >Hugh R. McAleer
 >Jonesboro, GA
 >'68 TR 250,
 >'71 Stag '73 Stag
 >75 TR7 Victory Edition - 4 Sale!

Just want to say here that my experience has been the same, only
different !!!  I have sold a few parts to fellow listers, by
sending the parts to the buyer, and if he approves of the part
and its condition, then he can send me a check.  Simple as that,
and based on trust; if I think the parts are worth it, I will buy
insurance on them, but most have been small bits and pieces, which
are hardly worth fighting over, but then again, there have never
been any problems.  Just lucky ?  Maybe, but it seems to me that
no fellow lister would try to stiff another for $10. or $20. if
he received and used the part sent, that would be really bad form,
and my impression of the list members is that there is a very
small chance of that happening.  So far,so good !  I don't expect
any bad surprises, either, and if I do, you-all can tell me that
I was too naive, but you'll have to wait until I complain of
getting stiffed, first !

JMHO and 2 cents' worth,
Tom Tweed
SW Ohio

(p.s. very few TR-6 bits left; from crashed '75  CF 37749 U )

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