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Re: Wheel Balancing

Subject: Re: Wheel Balancing
Date: Sun, 13 Dec 1998 02:08:50 EST
Cc: triumphs@Autox.Team.Net
In a message dated 98-12-12 20:51:03 EST, you write:

> Of course, then you have to consider the lug nuts... they might
>  throw the whole thing off again!! (I guess this doesn't apply to wire wheel
>  users, though)

Sure it would.  Who says that the hub adaptors and the nuts which hold them on
were in balance?
>  Mainly I asked that question just to make sure that I understood the
>  benefits of having them done on the car.  Front hubs would be easy to have
>  balanced, but rear hubs would be a pain (it would seem) so there goes my
>  whole hypothetical argument, anyway!!

The only difference between the front and rear is that the front have to be
spun by their machine and the rear can be spun by putting the car in gear and
reving it up.  The balancing is the same technique.  Just add the proper
weights in the proper place.

>  Thanks much!

You're welcome. Cheers.

Art Kelly 

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