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Re: Slave Cylinder placement (was: tr6 clutch low grab)

To: Bud Rolofson <>
Subject: Re: Slave Cylinder placement (was: tr6 clutch low grab)
From: Fred Thomas <>
Date: Wed, 21 Jul 1999 21:23:54 -0400
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The slave cyclinder on my "3' is ="BEHIND"= the flange plate, or the bolts go 
the plate & then into the slave cyc.

Bud Rolofson wrote:

> Eric,
> I used the Bentley manual when placing the slave cylinder through the flange
> attached to the transmission.  It shows the slave cylinder with its bolt holes
> behind the flange (in other words, it shows the slave cylinder as having been
> put through the flange hole from the rear of the car).
> >>>>That is correct.
> Based on several comments from listers, I have given up my thoughts that
> this might simply be a system bleeding problem.
> >>>>Don't give up on that idea yet.  If you bleed the slave cylinder when it 
> mounted it can hold a tiny bit of air in the part of the cylinder that is 
> the bleed screw.  Unbolt the the slave cylinder and bleed it so that the bleed
> screw is at the VERY top.  I think I did this by loosening the bottom bolt and
> taking out the top bolt so I could turn it.  A small bit of air CAN make a
> difference.
> Several of you havementioned that the slave cylinder's bolt plate should sit 
> front of the transmission flange.
> >>>>That is correct.
> Others have mentioned an adjustable slave cylinder push rod that should solve
> the problem.
> >>>>TR6's don't come with them but I've seen one made that works like the ones
> on earlier TRs.  You cut the rod off the slave rod and drill and tap hole in 
> remaining U-shaped piece.  Use a long grade 8 bolt (I forget the length but
> you'll have to go to a fastener store to get a long enough one, approx. 6-8
> inchs) for the rod and bolt it to the U-shaped piece and you have an 
> slave rod.  You can also add a spring to keep the TOB from the clutch to add 
> it's longevity and/or don't always sit with the clutch engaged at stop lights
> (cause you're spinning the TOB).  Put it in neutral.
> 2) If the slave cylinder is attached with it's bolt plate in front of the
> transmission flange, the push rod doesn't seem to want to meet up the clutch
> throw lever.  Bentley's shows the slave cylinder bolt plate toward the rear of
> the car, but Moss shows it toward the front.
> >>>>The bolt plate goes between the engine and the tranny.
> 3) I don't seem to have any adjustment at the clutch pedal itself.  After
> rebuilding the clutch master cylinder, I also know that there is no
> adjustment at the pedal push rod that goes into the clutch master cylinder.
> >>>>Clutches are basically non-adjustable.
> 4) All the manuals state in bold letters that the slave cylinder should be
> attached to the clutch throw lever in the middle hole.  This I have done.
> >>>>Middle hole is for TR6's.  I think Saloons use the top hole and the bottom
> hole is for Stag's, but I could have those reversed.
> Bud
> 71TR6 CC57365
> 71TR6 CC65446
> TR4A CTC57806
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