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Re: Offering First To The List

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Subject: Re: Offering First To The List
From: George Richardson <>
Date: Tue, 28 Mar 2000 19:00:36 -0500
Organization: Merlin Group Inc.
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I'd have to agree here, although we're all british cars fans, we're in a
hobby where we spend what we have to to get the parts we need. I believe
that we're all entitled to recoup what we can from our various
acquisitions. I've posted stuff on ebay before, and will be doing so
again shortly, since I got a lot of stuff in a batch of parts that I
don't need.

Offering advice is one thing, but offering monetary consideration or
preference on parts is something else again. 

If you offer parts to the list, do you determine who gets them by who
responds first? That's inconsiderate of the many people on digest.

If you're going to do it by who offers the most, you might as well post
it on ebay and formalize it.

Beth & Ken wrote:
> Dave;
> We'll just have to agree to disagree. I posted it on eBay and let the group
> know at the same time. I value the help I've gotten from many listers, and
> try to "repay" it in kind whenever I can. The difference in your argument
> and mine is the money thing. No, I'm not in it for the money either, but it
> is nice to recoup some of the oney I'm dumping into "Big Red". If I were to
> accept your premise, I'd give my old shocks to the first lister to ask for
> them (if the money truly didn't matter). Sorry, but I just don't see that. I
> sold my old Appliance wheels for $202.50 on eBay, and the shocks are
> currently at $42.50...more than I ever imagined I'd get for either.
> Again, we share information and ideas on the group. That doesn't mean that I
> need to subsidize your hobby any more than you need to subsidize mine. I've
> bought parts from listers, paying what they asked, or making an offer. I
> never felt that they owed me a "discount" simply because we share one
> interest in life...Triumphs. I was just glad to get the parts I needed. Joe
> Curry recently had a shift lever I needed. VB and Spitbits were out of
> stock. Their book said $15. That's what I sent Joe. I was thrilled to have
> the part, never expecting him to provide "Triumph Welfare".
> In summation, I agree that it's nice (not mandatory) to offer parts to the
> group, and I'll always do so. I don't agree that the offer need be exclusive
> (leaving other groups out) or carry some obligatory discount. BTW, the guy
> who bought my wheels is a Triumph hobbiest just like you and I. The shock
> guy must be as well. Why do you deserve something they don't?
> Insensitive to the group love,
> ken shapiro
> baltimore
> 1970 GT6+ KC81872L
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> From: David Moag <>
> To: Beth & Ken <>
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> Sent: Tuesday, March 28, 2000 11:37 AM
> Subject: Offering First To The List
> >
> > Ken,
> >
> > It is surprising to me that you do not see Jeff's point on first offering
> to
> > the list. He (and I) see that as a small way of giving back to the list
> for
> > all of the advice and help that it has provided (for free). While I don't
> > personally know many of the listers, I feel very grateful to many of them
> > individually, and to all of them as a group. Without them I would not even
> > have attempted the restoration of my TR3B (heck, I wouldn't have even
> bought
> > the car to begin with had it not been for the list). Personally, I would
> > rather sell a Triumph part to a list member for $50 than list it on Ebay
> and
> > make $75 on it -- I'm not in the hobby for the money.
> >
> > I've bought quite a few items on Ebay, and will continue to do so, but
> I've
> > never had any sort of "relationship" with any of those sellers. The
> listers,
> > on the other hand, have bent over backwards to help me whenever I've
> needed
> > it. From taking something apart on their car just to tell me what they
> see,
> > to photographing something and emailing it to me, to copying entire
> manuals
> > and sending them to me, to sending me an unobtainable part and not even
> > asking for payment, to showing up in my driveway to help tune up a carb. I
> > could go on, but no need. I've seen many listers answer your technical
> > questions to the list as well. I find it rather impossible to compare that
> > type of help to the strictly buying and selling that Ebay provides.
> >
> > Dave Moag
> > 62 TR3B
> > 77 Spitfire
> > La Canada, CA
> >
> >
> >
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> >
> > > As to your "ethics" of offering it to the
> > > listers first, your into some kind of allegiance I don't see. I don't
> know
> > > the "listers" any more than I know the people on eBay. In fact,
> > > if I had to generalize, I've had better relationships  with the folks
> I've
> > > dealt with on eBay.
> >
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> >
> > > ken shapiro
> > > baltimore
> > > 1970 GT6+ KC81872L
> >

George Richardson
Wyvern - '57 Triumph TR3, TS15559LT -
Griffin - '71 Triumph Stag - undergoing restoration
Kitty - '83 Jaguar XJ6 Vanden Plas - Daily Driver

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