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Re: [TR] Trailer Queens and tribal fractionation

Subject: Re: [TR] Trailer Queens and tribal fractionation
Date: Thu, 18 Jan 2007 22:04:08 EST
In a message dated 1/18/2007 6:35:02 PM Pacific Standard Time, writes:

I'm new  to this TR community, and I admire the passion you all hold  
for  these adorable cars. I read that there are divisions in what is  
he  'proper way' to own a Triumph. I think there is no proper way to  
own  a Triumph. There is just your way, whatever that is.

When I motorcycled  in the US, I never understood the disrespect  
Harley Davidson riders  gave all other motorcyclists. This was crisply  
delivered in the  refusal of the HD riders to respond to the wave -  
the on-road  acknowledgment - of other riders not on Harley  
Davidsons.  My  belief that we who motored on two wheels, contrary to  
the norm...the  dreaded cages....had more in common as motorcyclists  
than other  motorists, was misplaced. Even in a minority transport  
community  such as motorcycling do we find reason to differentiate,  
divide, and  even hate, thereby weakening ourselves.

So here is my point: please  remember its the delight of owning these  
adorable cars that unites  us. How we express that joy - as ratty  
cars, daily drivers or  trailer queens, is unimportant. We are all  
united in keeping real,  in our own voice, a beautiful marque that is  
still possible to own  and maintain affordably, and have a lot of fun  
while at  it.

Cheers everyone, and lets keep our eye on the big picture:  keeping  
these cars alive.

Apologies if I offend  anyone.

Brian in Valley Forge
1963 TR4

Excellent post Brian. Years ago in one of the sports car magazines, there  
was an article dedicated to etiquette. Some cars should always wave firts; for  
instance a spridget should wave first to an MGB, and MGB should wave
first to a Jaguar etc. etc. I never was wable to see if anyone followed  
this. Seemed snobbish, but there were some interesting exceptions-seems  like 
English car waved first to a ferrari, but a TC alwats got first  wave
Best, Mike Moore 

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