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Subject: Re: [TR] Trailer Queens and tribal fractionation
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Date: Fri, 19 Jan 2007 09:18:23 -0700
It should be noted here that the judging is not just for the cars but rather
for the overall display.  Extra points are awarded for the stuff that people
bring to decorate the car and the surrounding area.  The "Hyper" award is
called Gold Plus.  And I was excited by the fact that at last year's
Triumphest  my Red Spit (Huxley) received that award in spite of a few door
dings and the associated wear and tear in the intervening years since its
restoration in 1996.  I think what pushed it over the top was my display
which includes a loveseat made from the back end of an early Spit complete
with blinking lights, an umberela and a diamond plate badge rack displaying
all the dash plaques I have accumulated over the years from the various
events I have attended around the country.

It should also be noted that Tiny Tim, the highly modified black Spit
received a Gold award in spite of having a Honda S2000 engine, 6-speed
gearbox and Corvette rear end.  It might have been the only car there that
does not leak oil.  The point is that at Triumphest, it is not strictly a
"Concours" event, but tather a "Funcours" in which points are not taken off
for well done modifications.


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> Brian,
> I couldn't agree with you more on this subject.  I  drive a scruffy old
> but
> love them all.  This is a point of view  that will keep all us LBC
> enthusiasts,
> regardless of our own personal  focus, going in the same direction.
> Very well put!  Thank  you!
> Bob
> I have had my TR3 since 1963. I have attended most Triumphfests (West
> USA) since 1985 and have enjoyed them all. One of the things TFest has
> done is to recognize cars with either a Gold, Silver, or Bronze Award (and
> now a  Platinum as I recall -or some ultra Gold Award) .
>  Over the years I have seen a great  improvement in the cars, and  yes,
> trailered cars.
> There is one point of view I heard expressed a few years ago, which I
> care for, but certainly undertand:
> It was the morning after the awards banquet, and two TR3s were next to
> other. Both were very nice cars, but one had just come out of a total
> restoration and especially sparkled. The fresh resto car's owner's wife
was  noisly
> upset because it had gotten the same Gold Award as the car it was parked
> to. She was ranting about how her Harry had wasted $400 to get their
> plated, and the other cars bumper needed plating etc. etc.
> Now I have had the sinking feeling before when I spent a lot of money for
> something I shouldn't have or couldn't afford, and i sensed thats where
she was.
>  God help Harry ! I thought!.
> So though it may be elitist or snobbish, I think we need to understand
> people who spend a lot of money for a restoration expect to gain
> for it. I don't agree, nor approve, but I can understand how they  must
> Best, Mike Moore
> 59 TR3A

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