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corner workers

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Subject: corner workers
From: Kerry Seibert <>
Date: Wed, 6 Oct 1999 22:37:57 -0400
I always thought the corner workers were an amazing breed of men and women.  It 
really does take a lot of dedication to stand (nearly) in one place all day in 
all types of weather and temperature working while the rest of us play.  When 
your session is over, you can relax, socialize, walk the paddock, have lunch, 
take a pee, whatever, until your next play period.  All the time, the corner 
workers are keeping an eye on what's going on with everyone's safety on their 
minds.  An enthusiastic wave at the end of a session is MY pleasure.

Corner worker story:  Summit Point 1998.  Drivers school and my first race.  
Rained like a bastard on race day but as a rookie, I had to run the feature 
which wasn't actually too bad as a Morgan is quite the "mudder".  Race over, 
end of the day, most entrants long gone,  my wife and I are loading up the 
Moggy onto our open trailer in a cold, windswept rain.  We're soaked to the 
skin and facing a 4 hour tow home.  A couple of corner workers (looking every 
bit as bedraggled as us) stopped by and asked, "Is that your Morgan?". I said 
yes and they said,  "Well, we were working down by the carousel and we just 
wanted to tell you how much we enjoyed watching you come through!"  I shook 
their hands and thanked them for the encouraging words,  words which really 
lifted my spirits and made our tow home infinitely easier.

Cheers,   Craig Seibert    1968 Morgan +8  #611

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