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The 6 cylinder Cars - Fitted with Bristol Aeroplane Co. engine and manual gearbox
Manufactured by Bristol Aeroplane Company (Car Division) Ltd.

  • Type 400 (1946-1950) - 2 door Saloon
    • Type included two Prototype Dropheads by Bristol
    • Drophead bodies styled by Farina
    • Saloon bodies styled by Touring
    • Saloon bodies styled by Zagato
    • Special one off designs by others
      including a timber framed and panelled 4 door Estate Car by Hyde

  • Type 401 (1948-1953) - 2 door Saloon
    • This Type included two Saloon bodies styled by Beutler
    • A Prototype Drophead bodystyle by Beutler
    • A number of Drophead bodies by Farina,
    • A number of Saloon bodies by Touring

  • Type 402 (1949-1950) - 2 door Drophead Coupé

  • Type 403 (1953-1955) - 2 door Saloon

  • Type 404 (1953-1955) - 2 door Fixed head Coupé
    • Type included a Drophead body styled by Abbott

  • Arnolt Bristol (1954-1958) - Roadster bodied by Bertone
    • These cars were Type coded 404/X by Bristol, and were bodied to three Arnolt specifications by Bertone
      Finished vehicles were then shipped, mostly to the USA.
      Specification names are Bolide, DeLuxe and DeLuxe Coupé

  • Type 405 (1954-1958) - 4 door Saloon

  • Type 405 D (1954-1958) - 2 door Drophead Coupé
    • Driven chassis were bodied by Abbott to order only

  • Type 406 (1958-1961) - 2 door Saloon
    • Type included a Saloon car bodied by Beutler
    • A number of chassis were bodied by Zagato
    • A number of Prototype variants by the Factory

  • Miscellaneous 6 cyl. engined cars
    • Marques which fitted Bristol 6 cylinder engines,
      e.g. AC, Cooper, Frazer Nash, Kieft, Lister, Lotus, Tojeiro, and others,
      this page also includes the Bristol  Type 450 Company team race cars

The 8 cylinder Cars - Fitted with Chrysler engine and Torqueflite automatic gearbox
Manufactured by Bristol Cars Ltd.

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