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Re: Head Sealing Problem?

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Subject: Re: Head Sealing Problem?
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Date: Wed, 26 Feb 2003 12:56:09 -0600

It sounds like we're back to the theory that water is expanding 
due to engine temperature rise from hard racing and NOT 
because of a leaky head gasket.  Interes ting.  I wasn't aware 
that you were still adding water after races.  Guess that's 
something I will need to be aware of when I finally my 3 on 
the track.  

Would an electric fan thermostatically controlled while on the 
track make any difference?


On 26 Feb 2003 at 12:39, rgk wrote:

> Larry,
> I don't know what the norm is, and I hope others that do pipe up, but I
> can't do a 20 minute race running balls to the wall without reaching 220
> degrees. This alone may be putting water in the bottle and it has become
> something I have gotten used to. I have tried the gas-tester route, and
> the radiator pressure tester and come up clean. With no exhaust to pump
> the water out, I believe it's simply the thermodynamics of water pressure
> overcoming the cap. 15 minute races are perfect, but the heat is rising to
> the limit at the end. All I have to do is take my foot out of it for a few
> laps and it cools down to around 200. OTOH, I can't accept having to back
> off to cool it down anymore and losing places to guys I should beat, so
> I'm going to get an aluminum radiator very soon. I think this may be the
> solution.
> Bob Kramer
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> Subject: RE: Head Sealing Problem?
> > One of three things.
> > Not sealing at the head/cylinder area; not sealing at the base (figure 8
> > gaskets) or a fracture either in the head, block base or in a liner.
> >
> > Russ Moore
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> > I'm trying to figure out what's going on with my TR3 engine.  Ever since
> > I rebuilt the engine, I've had a problem with it blowing water out into
> > the overflow bottle.  In a 20 minute race, it will blow about a quart
> > into the overflow.  It's also running hot.  I'm not getting any water in
> > the oil.  I'm running a solid copper head gasket and used a block sealer
> > after I installed the head.  I also pressure tested the block and all
> > was fine.  After the first race weekend, I checked for combustion leaks
> > into the radiator using a kit which has a dye in it.  The dye is
> > supposed to change color if combustion gases are present in the cooling
> > system.  I couldn't tell for sure whether it was changing color or not,
> > so I retorqued the head and treated it again with block sealer.  I did
> > have to turn the nuts to get the torque back to 100 lb and one stud felt
> > a bit squishy, like it didn't want to tighten up.  I gather from resent
> > posts, that this is abnormal.  It continues to blow water out the
> > overflow.  I think I've got a head gasket that leaks only under load,
> > i.e. race conditions.  However, others I've talked to aren't so sure.
> > I'm thinking I need to pull the head to try and figure out what's going
> > on.  Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks, Larry Young

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