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Re: [Tigers] "POS" carb

To: "Rense, Mark (GE Indust, ConsInd)" <mark.rense@ge.com>
Subject: Re: [Tigers] "POS" carb
From: drmayf <drmayf@mayfco.com>
Date: Mon, 19 Jul 2010 10:57:27 -0700
Another thought on measuring clearances... on the Sunbeam Salt Flats 
race car, everything is hand made with no clearances. My measuring 
technique is to grab a roll of aluminum foil, make a baseball size wad 
of it (loosly waded and rounded) and put it where I want to measure. 
Close the hood, door, deck lid, etc gently and firmly and viola! A good 
frame of reference for clearances. All without robbing the kid next door 
of his playdoh or modeling clay... And it holds angles as well. No 
sagging.  Can be used to measure other clearances as wll.

Rense, Mark (GE Indust, ConsInd) wrote:

>The "little" Edelbrock is a great choice for a mild 260/289. I have had
>a 1403 (electric choke version) on one of my cars for seven years
>without issues. I wound up changing the needle and spring combination on
>the primaries and one step smaller jets in the secondaries to lean it
>out slightly. Your engine may/will have different needs, especially if
>you have tubular headers and a lumpy cam. I like them so much I just
>bought a 1406 (600 CFM Electric choke) carb for my stroker project.
>Buy the tuning calibration kit (part # 1486), it has all you need to get
>the mixture dialed in. The stock SU fuel pump is marginal for this size
>carb, I could drain the bowls on a hard third/fourth gear pull. I
>switched to a Holley Red Head fuel pump and that cured the delivery
>Be sure to carefully check your stack-up height with your new manifold,
>some engine mounts are taller than others and with a F4B in place your
>air cleaner might be interfering with the hood. Swipe some Playdoh from
>the brat next door, put a ball of it onto the air cleaner and carefully
>close your hood. You need a minimum of 1/4" clearance, more is better. I
>had to go to a flathead screw for my air cleaner to gain enough room.
>Have fun, go fast!
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>Thanks everyone.
>I had planned to install a 4 bbl on a F4B manifold this winter but since
>the Holly 2 bbl became a problem, I moved up the 4 bbl installation
>to...next week.
>I went by Summit Racing and picked up an Eldebrock Performance Carb,
>1404 with manual choke
>and delivers 500 cfm.
>The carb is new not remanufactured so it ought to work, right?
>I am also moving the coil from the factory location on top of the intake
>manifold near the gas line, to a cooler and safer location near the
>Thanks again for your help,
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