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Re: [Tigers] "POS" carb

To: Steve Laifman <slaifman@socal.rr.com>
Subject: Re: [Tigers] "POS" carb
From: "Would U. Believe" <mcdangerous@verizon.net>
Date: Sun, 18 Jul 2010 17:30:50 -0400

I like to remain as stock as possible too.  Interestingly, the 465 CFM carb
I bought last year has a vacuum port for the distributor advance built into
the side just forward of the automatic heat activated choke.  It also has a
hot air tube that runs from the right hand exhaust manifold to the
carburetor for the automatic choke.  The port in the phenolic spacer is used
for...I can9t remember off the top of my head!  Anyway, I will be happy when
I9ve finalized the installation of the 289 and get this thing cranked over.
I plan to crank it with no gas or spark just to get the oil pressure up and
oil well distributed before I can finally start it.  As a short cut, I9ve
temporarily installed the old generator so that I can have a little positive
reinforcement and get the engine started.  I can9t bear the thought of
re-wiring this thing for the alternator.

I had a hiccup yesterday with an exhaust manifold I bought from a fellow
Lister.  One of the 3ears2 where a stud or bolt goes just cracked off!  This
forced me to lose a bunch of time to uninstall it and use another one
temporarily.  I9ll have to find a replacement manifold (right hand)
somewhere...  What a bummer!  Maybe the guy has another one for me.

Cheers to everyone.  M

On 7/18/10 2:47 PM, "Steve Laifman" <slaifman@socal.rr.com> wrote:

> Thanks for your post, Mc Dangerous (M), and Allan,
> I remembered that I, too, had some fiddling to do with the F4B/Holley
> installation.  There was no tube on the carburettor  to a  attach to the
> distributer vacuum advance port.  The available gaskets, with such a port,
> would stick the air filter through the  LAT hood.
> This  wouldn't influence those that replaced the distributor with one that
> does not have vacuum advance.  I wanted it "stock" but put the "Ignitor"
> in and had the advance curve tuned to the car with spring replacement.
> So, I took the easiest approach possible. I replaced the carburettor
> lower unit with a new replacement part that did have a vacuum port.
> No hood banging, and easy adaption.  The thinnest composite gaskets with a
> vacuum port I could find were still too thick.
> While then, a carb parts source would still have new pieces.  Now, they
> probably have used pieces. Watch the shaft wear on used units.
> Steve
> Steve Laifman
> Editor
> http://TigersUnited.com
> Would U. Believe wrote:
>> Allan,
>> Bottom line up front:  I would suggest you find and buy a Mustang Boss 302
>> phenolic carburetor spacer (or any other thin phenolic spacer) with a
>> port and try that.  Here's why...
>> When I adopted my Tiger, it had a very heavy cast iron Ford four barrel
>> intake manifold and a Holley 600CFM carburetor on it.  Sandwiched between
>> these parts was a one inch thick aluminum spacer with a vacuum port.  One
>> the first things I did was to change over to an F4B and a 465 CFM
>> carburetor.  Immediately, I noticed was that with the F4B being much
>> than the Ford intake, the carburetor would not fit under the hood with the
>> one-inch spacer.  So I eliminated the carb spacer.  You guessed it...the
>> result was that I had the very same symptoms as the ones you describe.
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