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Re: Revised STU Proposed Rules - Plan of attack

Subject: Re: Revised STU Proposed Rules - Plan of attack
From: Pat MacAvoy <>
Date: Wed, 14 Jul 1999 12:53:39 -0400 (EDT)
Dennies writes:

> From:
>        All four-plus passenger, front engine, hard top, production-based
> sedans/coupes with engine displacements equal to or
>        less than 3.1 litres are eligible for Street Touring Unlimited.
I think this needs work from the beginning...  You've just made forced 
  induction (of some kind; turbo or blower) almost manditory.  A 3.1 liter
  NA motor has far less available power than the forced versions.  I think
  you may need something about 3.1 for NA and 60% for forced-air cars.
  (I realize this would defeat your agenda, but I think there needs to
  be some recognition that NA and pressurized engines are different)

Also, you asked about rotaries...  I think 2.5 is the factor used for
  converting piston to rotary-equivalent displacement.  For example,
  my 1.3l rotary is similar to a (1.3x2.5) 3.25 liter piston motor.
  I think this is based on the amount of airflow you get out of each type.

>            1.What exactly is meant by "sportscar based"? This portion of the
> rule was written to specifically prohibit the Porche
>               911 (which it is agreed is not a STU demographic vehicle).
>               Our solution is to add the "front engine" requirement to the STU
> eligibility statement, and drop the wording "sportscar
>               based".
Okay, so that means that a porsche 944 turbo (951) is legal.  Cool.  That
  sounds like your class ringer.   Maybe even the lighter, skinnier 931
  (924 turbo).  Are the DSM guys going to like going up against the
  turbo porsches?

>               Our solution is to make STU all-inclusive. If you are 3.1L or
> less, and have a front engine and at least 4 seats, you're
>               in. Period.
Sorry, I think it's too simple.

>        A. The firewall, roof, door skins, rear quarter panels, trunklid (if 
>  or rear hatch (if any) must remain Stock. Holes may be
>        drilled to allow attachment of body kits, etc. This specifically allows
> replacement hoods, fenders, wings, front and rear
>        facias, and side skirts.

But that doesn't allow me to flare my rear quarter panels.  I can slap a flare
  on it, but I can't remove the original fender lipto get tire clearance.
>            2.Engine swaps must be of the same make as the car chassis, or of a
> make available from the factory in the chassis
>               in the case of joint venture produced car.
So, could I run a 3 liter SHO motor in my Protege??  Well, it sounds like
  I could at least install it in a festiva...  Before you answer, remember
  ford owns part of mazda (not to mention jaguar...)

Sorry if I sound like I'm raining on your parade, Dennis.  I know what 
  you're trying to do isn't easy (I just initially on's ST
  committee), but I think it still needs work.

pat(Hey, waht about my rx7?  It was a 4-seater in japan...)mac
Pat MacAvoy
84 CS RX7 GSL-SE (for sale, see
88 CS 924S-SE (CS gun) 
86 944 Luxobarge
93 Crown Vic (SoloTow)

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