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Re: Thanks Sid

Subject: Re: Thanks Sid
Date: Wed, 19 Jul 2000 19:59:53 EDT
In a message dated 07/19/2000 12:54:56 PM Central Daylight Time, writes:

<<  SP, P, and mod classes are cool too but the majority of class
 > > winning
 > > > cars
 > > > > are put together as barely street legal to full race and can
 > > only be
 > > > enjoyed
 > > > > on race day. >>

With regard to the newly SM people that are meant to be street driven, I do 
want to point out the clarification of the statement as "most" and not "all" 
and I'm only referring to the most competitive cars in those classes (i.e. 
Nationals winning championship cars) in fully sanctioned classes (i.e. not 
including SM).  The whole point being that the best cars in these classes are 
more than likely not daily driven, street legal in design.

Think about this, how many of the top winning drivers and cars in SP, P and 
Mod class winning cars have full legal license plates, pass emissions 
testing, are driven daily and still come to Topeka with their tires in the 
back or pulling them on a trailer?  I'd say the closest winning cars might 
appear in one of the SP classes.

Again it's all about the reason why we race folks and not what we race.

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