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RE: Ladies classes

To: miket <>,
Subject: RE: Ladies classes
From: Sam & Greg Scharnberg <>
Date: Tue, 26 Sep 2000 13:26:14 -0500
Mike Taylor, I APPLAUD you for being one of the rational people on team.rant!!


At 10:54 AM 9/26/00 -0500, miket wrote:

>I know that everyone thinks differently, but the way I see it no mattter
>class someone runs in, why does the goings on in other classes, whether they 
>are open or ladies,  affect your fun factor??  
>I suppose there are some possible ways...
>1) Other classes dilute the size of your class:  But then, everyone says
>the ladies classes are small, so doing away with Ladies classes will not
>the open classes that much bigger.
>2) Costs extra $:  The cost of another set of awards for ladies classes are 
>probably a very small fraction of the total cost of the event, so I suspesct 
>that the impact of my entry fee is minimal
>3) Will win the set of tires (or insert your favorite $ award) for winning

>championship:  I doubt that the company putting up the prizes will offer a

>of tires to the 1st AND 2nd place in open if ladies disappears....  Besides, 
>you might be in the wrong sport if a big motivation  is winning $ & tires & 
>I guess I can't figure out how having ladies classes degrades, detracts, or 
>minimizes the open classes.  On the other hand there are some definite 
>advantages - including increased participation and support for familes where 
>the female members are not comfortable running against blood thirsy, 
>adreneline junkie, testoserone fueled competitors.
>Everyone has different motivations for showing up and driving - and I 
>guarantee that I don't understand everyone's reason - but I can still
>their reasons and support a system that does as well.
>Just my dis-passionate 2 cents worth....
>Mike Taylor
>Mike Taylor

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