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Re: Banquet Longevity

Subject: Re: Banquet Longevity
Date: Fri, 29 Sep 2000 22:49:41 EDT
In a message dated 09/29/2000 9:20:52 AM Eastern Daylight Time, writes:

<< True, but you could offend a lot less people AND shorten the banquets by 
 doing away with the prayer at the beginning of the dinner.   

Why would anyone be offended at the offering of a prayer?  I must confess 
that I happen to be of the christian belief; however, I would not be offended 
if a member of another religeon wished to say a blessing of sorts before the 
meal.  In my mind, I would simply use the time to pray to my god.  It would 
not offend me in the least.  If the person offering the blessing is of 
another religeous belief than I, that does no harm to me.  I may not agree 
with it, but it does't offend me.  Everyone has a right to believe what they 
want to,  but a budist saying a prayer would have no impact on me.  If I 
happened to not believe in a god, then the act of someone saying a prayer 
would actually be amusing.  I just can't understand the offended part.  

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