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Re: Round 14

To:, Jerry Mouton <>,
Subject: Re: Round 14
From: Rich Urschel <>
Date: Thu, 31 Aug 2000 00:04:35 -0400
Pat Kelly wrote:

> I think we're all getting into a huff over one event.

Actually Jerry and I are expressing ideas we've been
thinking about for a long time. I doubt that anyone is
being huffy here. As I recall the director called for
ideas for handling a potential problem. It seemed
prudent to me to respond.

>  Our entry level will drop, though I don't have a hat I'd eat if I'm wrong.

If you're right my proposal won't keep anyone out.
It *will* eliminate rookie trophies for the slush series.
We could try awarding the trophies deeper in each
open class to make up for that. We could split the
street tire class if it grows too large as you pointed
out others have done.

On the other hand if 250 keep showing up as the
days get shorter, we'll do what? Have such frustrating
events that attendance will drop? Not much chance
you'll be eating your nonexistent hat.

My proposal would provide some limited safeguard
against the participating membership growing faster
than we can handle.

The only thing I know for sure is that no idea will
ever get a fair hearing with so many knees ready to
jerk in reaction to any proposal of something new
to consider.

The other thing I'm relative certain of is that if we
don't face this problem in this year's slush series
we are certainly going to face it when we find
a suitable permanent site. This is all about who
gets to play, and who makes it possible. I don't
think we need to be deadly afraid of openly
discussing it.

The committee rules and it's high time we put
a stop to *any* ideas being steamrollered
through it without serious and considered
thought about the potential consequences.


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