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Re: Light trucks (OT)

To: "Dziuba, Larry" <>,
Subject: Re: Light trucks (OT)
From: Dan and Louise Yates <>
Date: Wed, 16 Jan 2002 10:55:13 -0600
Amen, brother!!! My wife and I hit a 900 pound steer on the highway one
night in my old 77 Monte Carlo. Broke a headlight, bent the fender and
ripped the rear bumper off making 900 pounds of ground beef. If we had been
driving our other car, a Chev Sprint, we would have made an additional 300
pounds of ground people. Small cars are good on gas and great for parking
but if you travel at highway speeds, you had best have a little more vehicle
around you. Drive what makes you happy.

Dan Yates

> Good Morning Guys and Gals in Roadsterland.  I too am tired of people
> bitching about SUV's and any other large vehicle.  Get a life of your own.
> I bought a Yukon when everyone else harped in "why don't you buy a van?".
> buy what I want

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