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Re: cars value

Subject: Re: cars value
From: "J.H. Roulleaux" <>
Date: Sat, 19 Aug 2000 12:29:47 +0200
From:                   "Ken and Elizabeth" <>
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Subject:                Re: cars value
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I know...I find it hard to believe too. My first response was that it would
be very hard to spend $100,000 to restore a TR3 if you tried to. It's
probably a story that's grown locally as it got told. But then, as I thought
more about it...I guess it is possible...a restorer or more without any
conscience, and an owner with too much money to toss around, Who know???

Ken Shapiro
1970 GT6+
Baltimore, Maryland
Hi Ken,
Nothing is impossible in car restoration, I personally know a 
restorer specialized in TR2/3 here in Europe who would not touch a 
car below $70,000.His waiting time to start the restoration is 
around 2 years. You then get an immaculate car with mostly 
original parts except tyres, air inside and oil, yeh this is still 
possible, but who of us wants this. The car will be too good to be 
original and trophy sharks will still find something to knock it down. 
My TR6 is almost concours ,owner for 27 years, but does not look 
factory original due to all kind of safety related modifications and 
this keeps the sharks away from hanging around it to judge it.
Sorry I hate trophy sharks  and I had to say it

P.S. My definition of Trophy Sharks: Classic Car owners hauling 
their cars from show to show with the sole interest to collect 
trophies and knock down cars of real enthusiasts.

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