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Re: Stock class reclassings

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Subject: Re: Stock class reclassings
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Date: Fri, 7 Jul 2000 11:54:13 -0700
I like the proposed reclassing structure.  I would put the Prelude's in the
new class 8
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Subject: Stock class reclassings

> My picks regarding
> Class 1 SDS (Super-Duper Stock?) - I'm afraid the Viper GTS will be the
> car to have.  Has anyone proven the C5 is better than the C4?  Will this
> class be like T1 in road racing where they're lucky if 1 car shows
> because no on can afford them?
> Class 2 SS, In a close race I'd take the Boxster S over the C4 and S2000
> Class 3, AS, still the toss up that is currently AS (this is a good
> thing)
> Class 4, BS, New Miata vs MR Spyder vs MR2 S/C, cool!
> Class 5, DS, good class, Type R by a nose?
> Class 6, CS, If anyone still has a stock 914 2.0 it will give the MR2 a
> run
> Class 7, FS isn't broke so we're not fixing it
> Class 8, GS, heavy V6's vs light inline 4's = the new melting pot.  I
> think I'd take a Sentra SE-R.
> Class 9, ES, the Honda CRX will win again
> Do the current GS Honda Prelude's go into Class 5 or 8?  Anyone else
> we're missing?
> BTW has a lot of old Nats results if
> you're interested in seeing how some of these cars compared.  No, they
> don't show what the weather conditions were like.
> Jeff Cashmore

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