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Re: Stock class reclassings

To: "Linnhoff, Eric" <>,
Subject: Re: Stock class reclassings
From: "Rick Cone" <>
Date: Fri, 7 Jul 2000 13:23:01 -0400
This is a proposal to class cars not drivers.  DS is a victim of Daddio's
success.  If Daddio proved that the Type R and the Neon can run together,
then they should be classed together.

Rick Cone
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Subject: RE: Stock class reclassings

> The rest of us
> mortal neon drivers would get creamed.  Also keep in mind that there is
> still more speed to be had out of that ITR while the neon has had all of
> it's development.  Maybe I'm wrong but there are alot of neon drivers out
> there who are not going to be served by this reclassing.
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> STS, here I come.  Hello Solotime, I need some new number panels please.
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