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Re: Prepared miata reclassing thoughts

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Subject: Re: Prepared miata reclassing thoughts
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Date: Mon, 7 Oct 2002 13:06:20 -0700
I previously said:

Note: Digest delayed responses...

But I really want to talk about DP/AP/FP...

>FP sounds interesting, and should probably have been considered (damned
that hindsight

It's not too late to make and Miata to FP proposal, as an alternative to a
poorly received AP proposal... I can put this on paper and send it to the

> and EP, while the numbers are probably ok, is conceptually
difficult(sedans vs. sports cars)

The SEB hasn't had any resistance to classing sedan vs.. sports car in other
categories. Etc...

I now add:

I personally donot believe that John Thomas is afraid of any Miata.

There are three options for the Miata in the current FasTrack, the AP move
is but one of three.  EP, or DP + weight adjustments ARE still on the
table...  Probably the best idea is to leave them in DP for next year and
look at it again later.

And I received a response reminding me that there are ALREADY sports cars in
EP.  The Fiat and Alfa Spyders, and Jensen-Healeys are there.  So there we
are :-) That's all I know.

Kimball Ayer

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