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Re: Car show judging

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Subject: Re: Car show judging
From: Larry Macy <>
Date: Wed, 22 Sep 1999 20:23:59 -0400
Flame sheilds not needed. I vote for your interpretations. Drivers and 
DIY are big scores in my book.


>>>>On 9/20/99 21:22 so and so ( said. (And I quote:)

>In a message dated 9/20/99 3:05:14 PM Eastern Daylight Time, 
><< one of the reasons I don't go to local car shows is the inability of folks
> to determine what they are looking at... >>
>I agree with Keith here--I have been asked to judge cars at shows as a 
>participant and am always at a loss to judge one great car against another.  
>Two things I like to know, and use prolifically to judge a car in my most 
>amateruish way:  First, I look at the tires and the pedals to determine if 
>is a driver.  I give drivers higher points than trailer queens.  Secondly, I 
>like to know whether the work was done by the owner or whether he/she had 
>bucks and paid someone else to deliver a perfect specimen to them.  Trailer 
>Queens and hiring work out are great, and I wouldnt criticize either, but it 
>just seems to be a premium if you drive one you built yourself.
>Flame shield in place!!!!!
>--David C.

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