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Re: Car Show Judging

To: steven groddy <>
Subject: Re: Car Show Judging
From: Carl Elliott <>
Date: Tue, 21 Sep 1999 13:37:04 -0400
Well said, Carl E.

steven groddy wrote:

> To my fellow British Car Fans,
> I have enjoyed reading your thoughts on car shows...many of your experiences
> are familiar to me.
> I think my frustration with car show judging reached it's peak @ British Car
> Field Day in Sussex,Wi.
> In 1998 my 76 TR6 won first place in the late TR6 class at this event...In
> 1999 my car did not even place.
> I was not upset that I did not win....I was in disbelief at what did win.
> The car that won in my class was totally "boogered up"....It had some
> homemade exhaust system with outlets about 6 inches in diameter,seats that
> looked like an elephant slept in, an engine compartment covered with a
> tar-like undercoating, and body panels that had more waves in them than a
> bag of potato chips....the paint looked like it was applied with a broom.
> I think I have learned that the show competition is not where the joy of
> owning a British car is at....The true joy is in driving these cars and
> sharing them with others. There is never a time when a ride in my TR6
> doesn't bring a smile to my well as the person's riding with me.
> Happy Motoring
> Steven Groddy
> 76 TR6

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