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RE: Car show judging

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Subject: RE: Car show judging
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Date: Thu, 23 Sep 1999 09:46:47 -0600
The MGCC Rocky Mountain Centre has an annual Glenwood Springs Rallye.  This
is a weekend event that culminates in a car show on Sunday.  One of the
[new] categories in the car show is "Diamond in the Rough".  This is an
award for the car that has the most potential.  Which of course means that
it is either junk now, or unique enough to be a real collector item when
restored.  Why am I telling you this?  My 1970 MGB won this award!

Larry Hoy

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> If catagories remain as they have, they should add catagories like
> Highest Mileage, Best Daily Driver, Best Interior, Ugliest Color,
> Wildest Engine/Dirtiest Engine, etc etc etc. This I think would
> bring alot more
> owners and their vehicles out to club events. Everyone would feel
> like they have
> Something to show.

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