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Re: the whole NT/participation thing

Subject: Re: the whole NT/participation thing
From: Erik Van-der-Mey <>
Date: Fri, 23 Jun 2000 12:20:52 -0500
>It's simple, I think. I think that there _should_ be some sort of
>prerequisites involved in entering a national level Solo II event, and I
>say that as one of the people who should NOT be there. I'm not going to
>squall on about the bad elitist snob people keeping me out. There are a
>bunch of us who don't belong at such an event. "Huh?" you say?

All this banter about who is qualified and who is not is ignoring the 
issue of event math. The more entrants, the longer the day gets 
(running only one course). Event limits should be based on first 
come, first served. If you register too late, too bad.

I posted earlier on this topic and I guess no one noticed...

See subject: Solo Event Math (was: Solo participation too high?)

Erik Van-der-Mey                
No Limits Performance, Inc.   

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