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Re: Fw: Fiero classing

Subject: Re: Fw: Fiero classing
From: jon e prevo <>
Date: Sat, 15 Jul 2000 08:50:55 -0500
I have read this thread with somewhat dissociated interest, as I have
never even driven a Fiero and have no opinion on the subject.  However,
George has made a point I feel I must agree with publicly, and I actually
think the issue in a nutshell comes down to this one point...

On Sat, 15 Jul 2000 08:31:18 -0500 "George Ryan" <>
>  I am sure the Fiero is not the only car, but the SCCA needs to 
> recognize
> the value of the oldies. There are more of  us in this organization 
> that do
> not subscribe to the "car of the moment" theory of competition. If 
> this
> organization cannot understand that there needs to fair classing for 
> every
> single competitor, not just classes set up for the "car of the 
> moment" and
> the rest  (read "oldies") are fodder, then maybe it is time for a 
> new
> organization to pop up, with new rules and new classing structures.

This was the concensus when I started the "Corvette vs. Datsun" BSP
thread a few months ago, and it is an issue which should be addressed. 
Why are the rules designed to a bias toward newer cars?  Does SCCA owe
some allegience to new car manufacturers which forces them to classify
the hot, new cars, being pushed to the front of the market, more
favorably than the older cars?  No, but SCCA markets those cars anyway
through unfairly biased classing.  

Having thrown in my $.02, I will now return to my corner.

Jon FP 73
F Prepared is dominated by 15-25 year old, low-tech antiquities.

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