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Re: Brake Caliper Conspiracy

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Subject: Re: Brake Caliper Conspiracy
Date: Fri, 30 Dec 2005 18:52:20 +0000
I agree that this may be a tempest in a teacup.

!5,000 pounds seems like a lot.  But even one of these bolts is more than 
capable of holding 15,000 pounds with little elongation.  I do not know the 
exact modulus of elasticity, however.  I just remember that one lab in the 
engineering department at my college had a machine to measure several MILLION 
pounds of tensile properties of metals.  It was originally built during WWII 
,as I remember, and literally they never made them like that again.  I saw this 
used to pull metal bars to fracture, and it took a major amount of tension to 
budge them, well more than 15,000 lbs.  

I never took those engineering courses, but I ended up TUTORING the engineering 

4 bolts tightened reasonably tight will, in my nitwit opinion, be more than 
capable of handling the kinds of loads these hydraulic systems are creating.

I wonder if we can use data published for other applications, apply come 
conservative estimates, and get some reasonable specs for the rebuild of these 
Girling brakes?


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> Porsche, Wilwood and a number of other manufacturers have standard in their 
> caliper rebuild kits the o-rings you need to replace when you split the 
> caliper, which their rebuild procedures call for. Girling was the one that 
> was weird about it, and no-one seems to know why. 
> These are steel bolts in a steel, iron or sometimes aluminum calipers. The 
> stresses are pretty mild, and the materials quite standard. It's not rocket 
> science and it isn't critical for torque values. Getting hung up in ramping 
> angles and fatigue factors really is a waste of time here. 
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> Subject: Re: Brake Caliper Conspiracy 
> > So there DOES seem to be something special about these calipers regarding 
> lack of availability of parts and information. "Conspiracy"? 

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