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Re: Rear wheel steering

To: W S Potter <>
Subject: Re: Rear wheel steering
From: Bryan Savage <>
Date: Tue, 23 Sep 2003 17:59:45 -0700
 you're talking about the way 4 wheel steer used to work
Here's the latest from the Delphi web site about the system on GM light 
duty trucks.
Low-speed handling.
Negotiating a full-size vehicle in tight areas - like city driving and 
parking lots - is tough. Add a trailer, and you're often faced with a 
frustrating situation. QUADRASTEER by Delphi changes that.
With four-wheel steering, the trailer follows the true vehicle path more 
closely, so it's easier to maneuver in city traffic and parking lots. It 
also improves the way the trailer responds to steering, making it easier 
to back the trailer into position.
High-speed control.
If you've ever "white knuckled" a full-size vehicle and trailer on a 
windy highway, you'll appreciate QUADRASTEER by Delphi.
At higher speeds, all four wheels travel in the same direction. This 
makes the vehicle and trailer both more stable, so they feel more like a 
single unit. You'll notice a significant reduction in trailer sway and 
better control during wind gusts, when a semi-truck passes, and on 
irregular road surfaces.

The plot thickens,

W S Potter wrote:

>John got both kids their B licenses and was happy with the 201 mph run.
>Likes the new car although he has to roll onto the salt to get out of it
>quickly.  He pitted next to Tom Bryant and Tom spent some time in record
>impound after they bumped a record.  The motor is the same one they ran two
>years ago and it is tired and needs some attention/TLC.
>Sure a four wheel steer P/U could run since the steer only kicks in at low
>(read parking) speeds.  Factory stock is OK but if someone tried it with
>lots of horsepower I'm sure J.D. Tone would be scanning the Rules and
>Records Book for justification.

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