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Re: Rear wheel steering

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Subject: Re: Rear wheel steering
From: "Glen Barrett" <>
Date: Tue, 23 Sep 2003 14:15:02 -0700
Some years back I recall that Micky Thompson had three wheel steer on the
Indy cars he built. Two front and RR steered. He also was the first to use
low profile tires,wide. Some where I'm sure I have it on file. Oh, the Gas
Up is this coming weekend. Guess we don't need to steer only one rear wheel
on a straight course. Wonder what this is going to start.
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Subject: Re: Rear wheel steering

> So he did manage some good first timeout speeds. When is the gas up? Can't
> come but can wish all who are going a great time. Just be safe there in
> peoples republik of kalifornica. I am going to dig my car book out of my
> library (read box) and see if I can figure out how an analyses could
> with a rear steering system. If one of those new pickups with 4 wheel
> steering showed up, could it run? Hmmmm...
> mayf
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> > Mayf
> > As fas as I know Beckett did not spin, he did run 201 while I was still
> > there. He was changing a tyre( for Malcolm & others on that side of the
> > pond, tires for us) when I left so he could run again, BTW it's a front
> > steer coupe, he wants no part of the back end hunting the front end
> > And yes caster, toe in and other stuff must be considered and well
> designed,
> > as far as training a driver well thats another story. I'm getting ready
> for
> > the Gas Up always a great party of LSR people.
> > Glen

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